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Dear Yuletide Writer,


I mean, we've got at least one fandom in common, so clearly I think you have great taste, and I'm already excited to have you writing for me. :D This letter, uh, got away from me in places -- don't worry, I'm fully on board the "optional details are optional" train! I know some people prefer lots of details; I've written all of this just in case you're one of them, but if you're not, that's totally fine. ♥


Please no descriptions of self-injury, disordered eating, or non-con/dubcon. I would also rather not read things including misogyny, racism, body-shaming, transphobia, or similarly hateful -isms; also, non-canonical main character death and character-bashing might be a bit heavy for Christmas morning.

Aside from that, you're good! \o? I like gen, pairings involving any number of people from anywhere on the gender spectrum, worldbuilding, any rating, set at any point before, after, or during the canon (or in another universe altogether).

Favourite things, in no particular order: happy endings (or at least hopeful endings), pining, plot, found family/families of choice, superpowers, seeing the beginning of (or the buildup to) a relationship, time travel, puzzles, magic, road trips, werewolves, secret identities, pretending to be in a relationship, dreamsharing, epistolary stuff, folklore. And loads more I can't think of at the moment, I'm sure!

I prefer fusions to straight-up crossovers, and if either of those is the route you take, it would be awesome if it's a fandom I'm familiar with -- if you're not sure, you can get the mods to check in with me. I also like alternate universes of any flavour, and of course canon-based fic is always fantastic.

One last thing before I mention fandom specifics -- I'm ivoryandwire on Tumblr, if you feel the urge to do some creeping. :D

Bottom of the River (Music Video) (x)
Characters: Woman in White

I was so excited to see this on the fandoms list! It never occurred to me to nominate it myself, but it's such a great song and I fell in love with the video the first time I saw it. I'm very much into witchy/supernatural ladies, so it's pretty much the music video of my dreams.

  • What did the woman in white do that caused them to go after her?

  • What's up with her reflection there at the beginning? (see 0:15-0:20 in the video)

  • Where does her magic come from? Is she a born witch, does she do rituals, is she a demon?

  • Basically, anything about her, about these people, anything to fill in the blanks. That's about all I can think of right now!

    15 ways to stay alive - Daphne Gottlieb (poem) (x)
    Characters: n/a

    This poem is so raw and gorgeous, and I'd love to see something that fleshes it out. Who is the narrator? Who are they giving this advice to? Who's the 'her' from number 15? I realize that I'm basically asking for original fiction here -- if you'd rather write a crossover/fusion/something of that nature, that's totally fine, just please confirm I know the other fandom first.

    Other ideas -- focusing on the wolves, maybe? As metaphorically or literally as you want. I'm always a sucker for a new take on the Little Red Riding Hood story, or for urban fantasy featuring werewolves, or... pretty much anything wolfy, honestly (that doesn't involve wolves/humans in porny situations, it's really not my thing).

    I know I said above that I like happy endings, but I'm good with a less than happy ending here, given the text. Aside from that, I'm not sure there's anything else I can add! I just want to know so much more about this, and I'll eat up anything that even tangentially relates to it.

    Fast and Furious series
    Characters: Gisele Harabo, Han Lue

    This series is the fandom of my heart; I adore it, I adore every single character (aside from the ones out to murder my faves, and even then, I'm probably still a little fond of them), and I adore every ridiculous plothole so big you could drive a Dodge Charger through it. I mentioned earlier that found family/family of choice is one of my things, and honestly, it's probably my favourite trope ever, which is one of the reasons this series works so well for me.

    My sign-up prompt: I'd love fix-it fic after Fast 6/Tokyo Drift -- Gisele and Han are both alive, somehow, and back to kick ass and avenge each other's deaths. How are they alive? I'm not exaggerating when I say that I'm willing to take any and all explanations, no matter how outlandish: both of them are secretly immortal? Awesome! Dom drives so fast he rips a hole in the time-space continuum, goes into the past, and rescues them? Excellent! Han was secretly an android all along and Tej rebuilds him? Sure! Gisele landed safely on her feet after the fall, but had to walk back along that impossibly long runway and it took her so long everyone assumed she was dead? Why the hell not! :D

    If fix-it fic isn't your thing, I'd love anything at all focused on their relationship -- one of the countries they visited together and what they did there, the two of them pulling a heist, them holed up on the couch eating takeout and watching Netflix, absolutely anything at all. And I would also be more than thrilled with backstory for either (or both!) of them: how Gisele came to work for Braga, for instance, or how Han met the Torettos.

    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    Characters: Hero of Kvatch, Baurus

    This is probably the trickiest request to specify just based on the scope of the game, and I'm afraid this section is ludicrously long -- if we've matched on this fandom, I hope this isn't too intimidating! Again, optional details are optional, and I will be happy with whatever you write. And if we matched on a different fandom, no worries, the length of this section doesn't mean I want the other ones any less!

    First up: I'm down with a Hero of any gender, any race. I typically play as female, but other than that, I like doing dice rolls to pick race, class, and stats so that it's mostly random and I get a new character each time. I mention this so that you'll know I don't have any particular headcanon for how the Hero should be, and I won't be, like, secretly holding a grudge about portrayals that are different from mine or whatever.

    My character requests are the Hero of Kvatch and Baurus, and I'm 100% down with them as a pairing, or gen involving them (although I should specify that if you go with an Argonian or Khajiit Hero, I'd rather not read an NC-17 fic). I'd definitely prefer them to be at least amiable towards one another (so basically if your Hero decides to join the Dark Brotherhood, please don't have them off Baurus to do so).

    Rambling about canon --
  • I love, love, love the Thieves' Guild and Knights of the Nine storylines. I'm not fussy about the Dark Brotherhood storyline (I've never managed to get through it) or Shivering Isles; while I appreciate the storytelling in each, I'm ridiculously soft-hearted and I feel bad killing characters or driving them to insanity. That said, if you want to play around with those storylines, that's totally fine, I will still enjoy it, since I'm not the one behind the trigger. :D

  • I got inexplicably attached to Baurus on my first playthrough. I have no idea why! It just happened, and I almost wish it hadn't, because now I spend a wholly unreasonable amount of time on each playthrough trying to keep him alive. I think what it comes down to is him being the one of the first characters you meet, him being the only other one to make it out of the sewers, and him sticking with you on so many of the quests. His dialogue at the end where he's all like "wow, who would have thought we'd end up here?" makes me go YEAH, WE DID IT, WE DID THE THING, TEAMWORK! SOLIDARITY! Which is ridiculous, I know, but whatever. I like Baurus! He's a pretty great guy!

  • Hero-wise, you've got a blank slate, and I'm happy to see what you choose to make of them!

  • I'm not sure I have any major hates with this game, so there's nothing you really need to avoid (I mean, unless you were planning on writing a story entirely focused on a character spending a half hour struggling to get up a steep hill because their acrobatics skill is too low). I'll read it all!

  • My prompt: I have always, always wanted to read a fic set after the main storyline, in which Kvatch gets rebuilt. With the empire in chaos and the Blades without an emperor to serve, I'd like to see the Hero and Baurus working to rebuild Kvatch in Martin's honour.

    Other ideas:
  • I love the books, newspapers, letters, and notes in Oblivion -- the lore and worldbuilding really make the game for me. If you wanted to do something epistolary or, I don't know, something written as an in-universe book, that would be really interesting!

  • The Blades are purposeless without an emperor; Baurus gets bored and signs on to help the Imperial Watch eliminate the Gray Fox. The Hero of Kvatch is the Gray Fox. Shenanigans ensue.

  • Fighting lessons/sparring/training!

  • Some sort of in-universe holiday-based fic would definitely be cool -- or out-of-universe, even, because suddenly I'm picturing a mud crab in a Santa hat and I'm 100% down with that. Some kind of winter activities, rituals, or festivals would be great, is what I'm getting at (festive sea-pestilence optional).

  • And if you're stuck -- worldbuilding's great too! Honestly, anything set in this world will make me happy. :)

  • Okay, that's (finally) it! :D: I hope at least some of that was helpful!
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