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Fic masterlist!


Avengers Movieverse
I'll set you up against the stars (gen, Pepper & Tony, Doctor Who fusion)
She never gets tired of this: constellations that change every day, new galaxies and planets and people and dangers, she and Tony somehow managing to keep each other alive. (AO3 | LJ)

don't have to know the words (Steve/Bucky, written for Yuletide 2011)
Bucky's injured, stranded, and bored, so the only logical thing to do is to mess with Steve. He doesn't really anticipate Steve messing with him in return.

Gordon Korman

Macdonald Hall
just a change I'm going through (gen, written for Yuletide Madness 2011)
Maybe letting Elmer take part in the bake sale hadn't been the best idea.

Most stuff written before December 2011 can be found here, and will hopefully be reposted at AO3 at some point in the future.