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...hi! /o\ So, uh, I realize I did a friending meme and then disappeared off the face of the universe. Apologies? I have no excuses or explanations or, y'know, any kind of reason. HI GUYS! I am a person who exists and I am going to try to get better at, uh, proving that I exist by interacting. /o\ /o\ /o\ I am terrified to even attempt backreading, so. HOW ARE YOU?
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[livejournal.com profile] rarewomen happened, and I got the most amazing Doctor Who story! the courage of your lungs: 5 people Jenny ran into while saving the universe -- this is the fic of my dreams, you guys. Daydreams, I mean, because my dreams are generally dull yet creepy, and this is the total opposite of that. But literally everything I have wanted since seeing The Doctor's Daughter, except now I'm a little sad that this isn't a TV show. I want to watch it every single day. ;______;

school stuff blah blah I'm probably dropping out again NO ONE IS SHOCKED )

ANYWAY, we shall see, I guess! In better news, today I bought my mom part of her mother's day gift (a Hellboy one-shot featuring a bunch of puppies!) and got free tea and napped and felt a lot less sick (cutting coffee and meat out of my diet has improved things exponentially, which makes me a little sad but mostly grateful) and Nan visited and I watched TV with my mom, and really I guess it's been a good day, even if the education part was terrible. \o?
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YOU GUYS! I signed up to be a Team Captain at [livejournal.com profile] marvelgames2012. :D I'm on Team Action/Adventure (awwww yeah) and I am ridiculously psyched -- I'm all about comics and superheroes and excited teams of fans and competition and action/adventure and fanworks and organizing things, so obvs this is right up my alley. Team Humor still needs a captain, though, and they're taking volunteers for the next few days before signups begin.

You can:
* sign up to be a Co-Captain for Action/Adventure and we shall become a force to be reckoned with and destroy all competition!
* wait until general signups start and be on my team and we shall become a force to be reckoned with and destroy all competition!
* volunteer as tribute sign up as Captain or Co-Captain for another team and we can have a sexy rivalry or something?
* wait until general signups start and be on someone else's team, see if I care :( (actually I really don't, be on whichever team floats your boat! it'll be fun either way!)
* not sign up and spend your summer eating fiber and watching The Mentalist or something I guess

Anyway, here's the official info-type thing, since... I haven't actually given out any information, unless BE ON MY TEAM LET'S WIN THINGS is information.

Sign-Ups Start April 14th
Sign-Ups End April 24th

Info | FAQs | Schedule | Sign-Ups
[livejournal.com profile] marvelgames2012 is an interfandom, interdisciplinary "competition" where writers/artists/vidders come together to compete for the challenge of Grand Tournament Champions. Unlike other challenges, however, you do not have to be a writer/artist/vidder to participate. Teams need cheerleaders, fact checkers, betas, plot bunny providers, shoulders to cry on & more. Everyone can participate in the Preliminary Challenges to earn points towards the Grand Tournament Championship.

Currently, [livejournal.com profile] marvelgames2012 is taking volunteers for Team Captains and Co-Captains. Please see this post for more information. (Don't forget to check out the other links too!) Team Captains need to be assigned by April 7th April 14th so it's first come, first serve. Team Humor is currently the only team without a captain.
Grand Tournment begins August 1st, leaving just over 3 months to complete a fic/art/vid for submission for your team. More information can be found [livejournal.com profile] marvelgames2012.

In other news, today and yesterday have been warm and sunny and I don't know what to make of that, where am I, is this spring, what is sunshine, I don't understand. (It's so nice, though! Almost all the snow's gone, although there's a chance of flurries the weekend :/) And... that's all I've got for now, it is DEFINITELY naptime.
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In other news: getting on with life is strange, but it's happening -- it's seriously weird, though, looking for things to fill my days rather than scrambling to divide my time, plus living with the quiet, hollow feeling I'm never going to be able to shake. I signed up for Postcrossing and have five cards to send out this week; I signed up for MyHogwarts and am happily settling in to my Ravenclaw dorm; work drama seems to be smoothing itself over; I'm housesitting again at my friends' place and enjoying the hell out of their video game/DVD collection; I've got to take a serious look at the state of my finances, as well as get my taxes done, but I'm putting that off for at least another few days. Oh! And I've got the first story in the Avengers-movieverse-jammed-into-a-modern-Westeros series I'm planning juuuuust about done -- anyone interested in beta reading a fic about there always being a Stark in Winterfell? :D? :D? I've got a couple of scenes left, but expect it'll be done in another day or two (or three).

How are you guys doing? I am feeling mighty disconnected -- and was even before this godawful past week -- but I'm getting caught up yet again, and it's good to be back around. :)
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I've basically looking a hot mess, uh, this whole year so far -- stomach flu + Christmas + being sick all January + somehow losing a chunk of February to winter blues and then spending the next two weeks catching up = getting my hair cut almost three months later than I'd planned. The poor woman who did my hair today, oh my goodness. She's almost as good as my doctor when it comes to telling me why the things I do are wrong without shaming me about doing them, so that's awesome! And she did magic things and I no longer look like an Entwife that got covered in moss and was consequently settled by a colony of exceptionally fuzzy brushtail possums, and I feel so great about that.

Today's other big adventure: getting a crash-course in all the stuff I will need to know for work for the next month. I am... really, really unprepared, BUT I will be mostly unsupervised, which means I can work the way I work best: frantically googling something I know very little about, then spending my every waking moment obsessing about every tiny detail until I get frustrated and overwhelmed, do it all in an hour and declare it finished to whoever's overseeing the project, then ignoring its existence forever unless someone specifically brings it up. \o?

In other news, approximately 99% of my thoughts this week have revolved around Brian O'Conner and werewolves. Who do I file a complaint with about this, because I have things I need to finish and not a single one of them includes Brian O'Conner. >:(

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