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My body's been one big mess of hurt and exhaustion since the semester started and (spoiler alert) I am very tired of it. ;____; I've missed a bunch of classes already and I'm way behind on everything. I mean, I'm also behind because I've been really lazy in addition to being sick. And I think I'm suddenly, inexplicably burned out on school already, despite being so eager to get back.

That said, classes are fun and being around friends a lot is even more so. I just wish my body and brain would get with the program and let me enjoy it and maybe also, y'know, not doom myself to failure. ;__; I also keep flip-flopping on the grad school vs. not grad school thing, which is ridiculous because I'm stressing myself out over something I can't even apply to for another year. /o\

ANYWAY. Yuletide's coming up! I wasn't going to do it this year -- not sure if I mentioned it here or not, but the gift I wrote last year got some really weird, nasty anon comments out of nowhere and it pretty much soured it for me completely -- but then nominations started happening and I just got too excited about it all. :D: I've currently got Oblivion (as in Elder Scrolls, not Tom Cruise), Professor Layton, Adventure Time, and fifteen ways to stay alive as my noms -- not sure Adventure Time will make it through, but we shall see! I'm still working on my character nominations, especially for Oblivion, since there a million and one NPCs and I LOVE ALL OF THEM. Not sure about requests, either -- I'll probably just request Emmy from Layton, regardless of who I end up nominating, and Marceline + PB. I don't even know who/what to nom/request for the poem. Narrator? You? Her? Wolves? I'll probably just leave that one blank.

Sorry for the rambling, but YULETIDE. :D

Anyhow, I have no idea what else to write about, I just want to get back in the habit of journalling again. \o? I watched this Wonder Woman movie tonight and while I had issues with... pretty much everything, it was still kind of awesome and I'm really not sure why they can't do a live-action Wonder Woman? Also, the special features were well worth the $5 the DVD cost me. I have so many feelings about feminism and comics and mythology and these teeny documentaries need to be a million times longer.

Okay, that's it for real, I think!
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[livejournal.com profile] rarewomen happened, and I got the most amazing Doctor Who story! the courage of your lungs: 5 people Jenny ran into while saving the universe -- this is the fic of my dreams, you guys. Daydreams, I mean, because my dreams are generally dull yet creepy, and this is the total opposite of that. But literally everything I have wanted since seeing The Doctor's Daughter, except now I'm a little sad that this isn't a TV show. I want to watch it every single day. ;______;

school stuff blah blah I'm probably dropping out again NO ONE IS SHOCKED )

ANYWAY, we shall see, I guess! In better news, today I bought my mom part of her mother's day gift (a Hellboy one-shot featuring a bunch of puppies!) and got free tea and napped and felt a lot less sick (cutting coffee and meat out of my diet has improved things exponentially, which makes me a little sad but mostly grateful) and Nan visited and I watched TV with my mom, and really I guess it's been a good day, even if the education part was terrible. \o?
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In other news: getting on with life is strange, but it's happening -- it's seriously weird, though, looking for things to fill my days rather than scrambling to divide my time, plus living with the quiet, hollow feeling I'm never going to be able to shake. I signed up for Postcrossing and have five cards to send out this week; I signed up for MyHogwarts and am happily settling in to my Ravenclaw dorm; work drama seems to be smoothing itself over; I'm housesitting again at my friends' place and enjoying the hell out of their video game/DVD collection; I've got to take a serious look at the state of my finances, as well as get my taxes done, but I'm putting that off for at least another few days. Oh! And I've got the first story in the Avengers-movieverse-jammed-into-a-modern-Westeros series I'm planning juuuuust about done -- anyone interested in beta reading a fic about there always being a Stark in Winterfell? :D? :D? I've got a couple of scenes left, but expect it'll be done in another day or two (or three).

How are you guys doing? I am feeling mighty disconnected -- and was even before this godawful past week -- but I'm getting caught up yet again, and it's good to be back around. :)
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I've basically looking a hot mess, uh, this whole year so far -- stomach flu + Christmas + being sick all January + somehow losing a chunk of February to winter blues and then spending the next two weeks catching up = getting my hair cut almost three months later than I'd planned. The poor woman who did my hair today, oh my goodness. She's almost as good as my doctor when it comes to telling me why the things I do are wrong without shaming me about doing them, so that's awesome! And she did magic things and I no longer look like an Entwife that got covered in moss and was consequently settled by a colony of exceptionally fuzzy brushtail possums, and I feel so great about that.

Today's other big adventure: getting a crash-course in all the stuff I will need to know for work for the next month. I am... really, really unprepared, BUT I will be mostly unsupervised, which means I can work the way I work best: frantically googling something I know very little about, then spending my every waking moment obsessing about every tiny detail until I get frustrated and overwhelmed, do it all in an hour and declare it finished to whoever's overseeing the project, then ignoring its existence forever unless someone specifically brings it up. \o?

In other news, approximately 99% of my thoughts this week have revolved around Brian O'Conner and werewolves. Who do I file a complaint with about this, because I have things I need to finish and not a single one of them includes Brian O'Conner. >:(
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Why hello there, LJ/DW! I have been mostly absent, and I apologize! I wish I had a good excuse, but the truth is pretty ridic -- my old DW layout was hurting my eyes, so I mostly stopped reading my flist for awhile. /o\ And eventually when I was less overwhelmed with life I tried to find a new one, but I couldn't find one bright and clean enough for my tastes, and then the one I DID find that I liked made reading my flist really difficult, so... I didn't. /o\ And then felt bad about commenting on LJ when I hadn't been keeping up with DW. /o\/o\/o\ (Also, hella anxiety these days, which has led to a lot of half-filled out comment pages being closed because "Oh my gosh that sounds bad does that sound bad? What if they think I'm being sarcastic/mean/stupid/horrible? Better not say anything at all!" which I know intellectually is stupid, but knowing =/= feeling, sadly.

So, uh, hey guys! How's tricks? I wish I could say I'd been busy and doing amazing things in my absence, but truthfully, today was the first day in over a week I left the house for anything but work (and given that I've only been working weekends, uh. wow, self. I was housebound for no real reason from 6pm Sunday to 8:30pm Friday /o\) and my home time was mostly spent watching the first season of Parks and Rec and logging 30 hours on a Pokemon game over the course of four days. idek. I have no idea what else I've done, aside from not sleeping, occasionally working in weekend-long spurts, living on a diet of Pop-Tarts and coffee, and being on Tumblr. :/ My boss at job #1, who I adore and who is the best boss anyone could ever hope for, is leaving, job #2 stiffed me on payday, and I am dealing with those things by... resolutely ignoring them at best, staying up all night worrying about them at worst. I backread every Tumblr about shitty tattoos I could find, and am now consumed with the desire to get a tattoo but the total fear that it will end up being a shitty one. Basically: hello, I have been being dull and also anxious for the past few weeks.

Anyhow! I discovered how to import my LJ layout to here, and I went to a hockey game today, and I watched a Vin Diesel movie tonight, and tomorrow I'm going to the hospital with my mom (for a relatively minor thing, no worries!), so, like. It's a brave new world, I guess! One where I actually look at my flist and leave the house voluntarily and do things I want to do rather than continuing to do things I don't want to do anymore just because I have an obsessive need to keep doing something until I reach a logical place to take a break and some things just don't have that logical place. (I'm looking at you, Pokemon Pearl. Also, my definition of logical probably doesn't fit with the actual definition, ftr.)

So! I'm back and I hope you all are well. Going to catch up after sleeping + hospital + haircut I hope oh my goodness it's terrible, but in the meantime: hi, guys! How are you?

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