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rambling about writing! avengers fic, fast and the furious fic, original fic, oh my )

ANYWAY BASICALLY: writing! I enjoy it! And planning out writing! Which I enjoy even more than writing! WHY DON'T I EVER REMEMBER THIS, GUYS. I'm always like "Ugh I guess I have to do some writing," as if someone's blackmailing me to write fanfiction or poems or paranormal dystopian lesbians, and then I finally sit down after days of procrastination and after five minutes I'm just like :D! :D! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! Someone remind me of this next time I am whining about writing, yeah?
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Still sick (and kind of wondering if I have strep, but I haven't had a fever in two days and most of the aching's gone, and the headache's a little better, so I think I'm on the mend, even if my throat's just as raw?), still not caught up on anything at all, including real life. /o\ So much for getting a head start on the new year, but whatever, I have been writing down ideas for stories I want to write and list of things I need to do and budget stuff, so when real life begins again, I AM TOTALLY READY FOR IT. \o?

Speaking of ideas, you know what fic I want more than anything in the world? spoiler alert captain america is involved, everyone is shocked! spoilers for the comics, i guess, although this would be movieverse? )

Anyway, wow, it's 4:30 am and I should probably try to sleep again. I just get so panicked when I'm sick, and sleeping is so difficult. :( Possibly I'm just going to (finally!) finish that Doctor Who fusion thing and work on my big bang fic and continue to be bleary-eyed and make pathetic noises. OH ALSO. I watched the second Fantastic Four movie today -- I thought it was the first one when I grabbed it from the library, but I still made myself watch it because now it's overdue and I AM GETTING MY FIFTEEN CENTS OUT OF THIS MOVIE, goddammit. And I did! And that's about all it was worth, tbh. However, I really want Sue/Johnny fic and the universe doesn't seem to have ANY. At all. I don't understand. :(
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Yuletide reveals are up! I wrote two things: my main gift and one for Yuletide Madness. :D

don't have to know the words -- Captain America, Steve/Bucky, wherein Bucky's injured and bored and kind of a troll, but Steve countertrolls him. With kisses. Also, there's huddling for warmth! :D? I struggled with this one (I kept coming up with ideas, writing a few hundred words, then realizing they didn't work or I had issues with what I'd written or it was something I would have needed much more time to do justice to) but it was that kind of thing where you're like FUCK YEAH I AM DOING THIS THING, and I ended up having a lot of fun.

just a change I'm going through -- Macdonald Hall, gen, wherein there are superpowers. :D: Also, hell yes that IS a Big Wolf on Campus theme song lyric as the title, what of it? :DDD

In other news, I know I owe like eight billion people comments and emails, and I haven't checked my flist all day, pretty much, but my body's decided to ring in the new year with a cold and I am tired and achy. :( I just took a naproxen, so I'm basically just... hanging out online for another few minutes until it kicks in and I can actually lie down without backache. Sigh. (I did have a fabulous New Year's Eve, though, and I hope you all have had a good couple of days. ♥ Happy new year, lovelies!)
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Anyone up for beta reading a short Iron Man fic? :D? :D? It's around 1500 words, Doctor Who fusion, Time Lord!Tony and companion!Pepper. I was planning on using it as the prologue for my avengers_bang fic, but it just wasn't working out the way I wanted it to, so I'm leaving it where it is (at least for now) and instead doing the ASOIAF fusion I already have a good few thousand words of (and a solid outline of what needs to happen between which characters, even though I uh still haven't worked out the plot /o\).

In other news! I saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie today and I don't know if I liked it but I really, really enjoyed it, if that makes sense. I've decided that what I want more than anything is a fic where Irene, Mary, and Sim team up to kick ass and take names, a la Birds of Prey.

In other other news, more new friends, hi! :DDDD I just did an intro post over here. I'm still struggling to get caught up on my flists on both DW and LJ, so I apologize if my commenting is sparse between now and the first few days of January! But I am very, very glad to have you all here. A couple of things I want to mention, though:

* All my fannish stuff, including fanworks, and vague stuff without too many RL details will be left unlocked on Dreamwidth, while anything talking about real life in general will be locked. I'm more than happy to chat about fandom things with anyone who wants to leave a comment, so if you're not all that interested in the RL stuff but want to subscribe to the public stuff and chat every now and then, that's totally fine!

* Every day is defriending amnesty day in my books. Sometimes people don't click, and again, that's totally fine! I promise not to get butthurt about it if you defriend me. Unless we're, like, RL friends or we talk all the time or what have you, in which case I'll mostly just be confused and will probably message you going "DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG???" because, like. If I owe you an apology, I want to make that apology happen. ♥

I think that's all! It's so far beyond time for me to be in bed, oh my gosh. Night, lovelies!

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