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I've basically looking a hot mess, uh, this whole year so far -- stomach flu + Christmas + being sick all January + somehow losing a chunk of February to winter blues and then spending the next two weeks catching up = getting my hair cut almost three months later than I'd planned. The poor woman who did my hair today, oh my goodness. She's almost as good as my doctor when it comes to telling me why the things I do are wrong without shaming me about doing them, so that's awesome! And she did magic things and I no longer look like an Entwife that got covered in moss and was consequently settled by a colony of exceptionally fuzzy brushtail possums, and I feel so great about that.

Today's other big adventure: getting a crash-course in all the stuff I will need to know for work for the next month. I am... really, really unprepared, BUT I will be mostly unsupervised, which means I can work the way I work best: frantically googling something I know very little about, then spending my every waking moment obsessing about every tiny detail until I get frustrated and overwhelmed, do it all in an hour and declare it finished to whoever's overseeing the project, then ignoring its existence forever unless someone specifically brings it up. \o?

In other news, approximately 99% of my thoughts this week have revolved around Brian O'Conner and werewolves. Who do I file a complaint with about this, because I have things I need to finish and not a single one of them includes Brian O'Conner. >:(
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rambling about writing! avengers fic, fast and the furious fic, original fic, oh my )

ANYWAY BASICALLY: writing! I enjoy it! And planning out writing! Which I enjoy even more than writing! WHY DON'T I EVER REMEMBER THIS, GUYS. I'm always like "Ugh I guess I have to do some writing," as if someone's blackmailing me to write fanfiction or poems or paranormal dystopian lesbians, and then I finally sit down after days of procrastination and after five minutes I'm just like :D! :D! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! Someone remind me of this next time I am whining about writing, yeah?

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