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Anyone up for beta reading a short Iron Man fic? :D? :D? It's around 1500 words, Doctor Who fusion, Time Lord!Tony and companion!Pepper. I was planning on using it as the prologue for my avengers_bang fic, but it just wasn't working out the way I wanted it to, so I'm leaving it where it is (at least for now) and instead doing the ASOIAF fusion I already have a good few thousand words of (and a solid outline of what needs to happen between which characters, even though I uh still haven't worked out the plot /o\).

In other news! I saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie today and I don't know if I liked it but I really, really enjoyed it, if that makes sense. I've decided that what I want more than anything is a fic where Irene, Mary, and Sim team up to kick ass and take names, a la Birds of Prey.

In other other news, more new friends, hi! :DDDD I just did an intro post over here. I'm still struggling to get caught up on my flists on both DW and LJ, so I apologize if my commenting is sparse between now and the first few days of January! But I am very, very glad to have you all here. A couple of things I want to mention, though:

* All my fannish stuff, including fanworks, and vague stuff without too many RL details will be left unlocked on Dreamwidth, while anything talking about real life in general will be locked. I'm more than happy to chat about fandom things with anyone who wants to leave a comment, so if you're not all that interested in the RL stuff but want to subscribe to the public stuff and chat every now and then, that's totally fine!

* Every day is defriending amnesty day in my books. Sometimes people don't click, and again, that's totally fine! I promise not to get butthurt about it if you defriend me. Unless we're, like, RL friends or we talk all the time or what have you, in which case I'll mostly just be confused and will probably message you going "DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG???" because, like. If I owe you an apology, I want to make that apology happen. ♥

I think that's all! It's so far beyond time for me to be in bed, oh my gosh. Night, lovelies!
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Okay, so! Trying to figure this DW crossposting business out. I realized that making DW my primary account actually solves a lot of things I'd been thinking about, especially how I've been torn between wanting to switch usernames from roadmarks to midnightjuly. Now I am both! \o/ For the record, I'll be posting pretty much everything here, with all posts being crossposted to [livejournal.com profile] roadmarks, except for fic/mixes/general fannish endeavours, which will be posted at [livejournal.com profile] midnightjuly as well as here. \o?

I'm still in WINTER CHRISTMAS IS COMING PANIC PANIC PANIC OH GOODNESS MY YULETIDE FIC IS TERRIBLE mode right now, so I'm still working on things like layouts and icons and filters and intro posts and whatnot, but that shall all come at some point. For now... hi! ♥

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