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#1 involves food; probably not especially triggery, but avoid if you want to err on the side of caution )

2. Shoot more things! Probably with airsoft guns and not real ones, since the firearms safety course/licensing stuff is proving impossible to get information on. MAYBE I WILL JUST BUY A CROSSBOW. Ultimate goal is to have Hawkeye-aim!

3. Get better at krav maga, okay if you haven't guessed by now, 2012's theme is THIS YEAR I WILL BE A SUPERHERO.

4. Writing stuff: write at least 100000 words (altogether, on any/all projects), write three short stories and twenty poems, finish one big bang fic, and attempt NaNoWriMo if possible.

5. School stuff: do the academic boot camp thing before heading back to school, get a 4.0 GPA, submit all papers on time.

6. Work/money stuff: keep resume updated, pick up a student job while in school while keeping other two jobs, get a student line of credit, pay all bills on time, end the year with money in my savings account and no debt. (Fingers crossed on this one, but I think it might be doable!)

7. Start new holiday traditions! I mentioned this on Tumblr, how Christmas generally makes me twitchy and sad, not to mention stressed, so I would like to add fun, random things to the holidays, whether they make sense or not. And not just Christmas! Like Valentine's Day! St. Valentine is the patron saint of beekeepers, so obviously I will be celebrating February 14th with a Pushing Daisies marathon and a viewing of Eddie Izzard's Glorious. COVERED IN BEEEEEES

8. MAKE A TESSERACT OUT OF MINI-MARSHMALLOWS AND TOOTHPICKS. I've had this as a goal forever and just never got around to it. THIS YEAR IS THE YEAR.

9. Start a Pokemon game from the beginning, build an awesome team, and defeat the Elite Four. This will probably be the only thing on this list I actually do.

10. Have fun. Have a lot of fun. HAVE ALL THE FUN THAT IS TO BE HAD.

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