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rambling about writing! avengers fic, fast and the furious fic, original fic, oh my )

ANYWAY BASICALLY: writing! I enjoy it! And planning out writing! Which I enjoy even more than writing! WHY DON'T I EVER REMEMBER THIS, GUYS. I'm always like "Ugh I guess I have to do some writing," as if someone's blackmailing me to write fanfiction or poems or paranormal dystopian lesbians, and then I finally sit down after days of procrastination and after five minutes I'm just like :D! :D! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! Someone remind me of this next time I am whining about writing, yeah?
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Still sick (and kind of wondering if I have strep, but I haven't had a fever in two days and most of the aching's gone, and the headache's a little better, so I think I'm on the mend, even if my throat's just as raw?), still not caught up on anything at all, including real life. /o\ So much for getting a head start on the new year, but whatever, I have been writing down ideas for stories I want to write and list of things I need to do and budget stuff, so when real life begins again, I AM TOTALLY READY FOR IT. \o?

Speaking of ideas, you know what fic I want more than anything in the world? spoiler alert captain america is involved, everyone is shocked! spoilers for the comics, i guess, although this would be movieverse? )

Anyway, wow, it's 4:30 am and I should probably try to sleep again. I just get so panicked when I'm sick, and sleeping is so difficult. :( Possibly I'm just going to (finally!) finish that Doctor Who fusion thing and work on my big bang fic and continue to be bleary-eyed and make pathetic noises. OH ALSO. I watched the second Fantastic Four movie today -- I thought it was the first one when I grabbed it from the library, but I still made myself watch it because now it's overdue and I AM GETTING MY FIFTEEN CENTS OUT OF THIS MOVIE, goddammit. And I did! And that's about all it was worth, tbh. However, I really want Sue/Johnny fic and the universe doesn't seem to have ANY. At all. I don't understand. :(
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Yuletide reveals are up! I wrote two things: my main gift and one for Yuletide Madness. :D

don't have to know the words -- Captain America, Steve/Bucky, wherein Bucky's injured and bored and kind of a troll, but Steve countertrolls him. With kisses. Also, there's huddling for warmth! :D? I struggled with this one (I kept coming up with ideas, writing a few hundred words, then realizing they didn't work or I had issues with what I'd written or it was something I would have needed much more time to do justice to) but it was that kind of thing where you're like FUCK YEAH I AM DOING THIS THING, and I ended up having a lot of fun.

just a change I'm going through -- Macdonald Hall, gen, wherein there are superpowers. :D: Also, hell yes that IS a Big Wolf on Campus theme song lyric as the title, what of it? :DDD

In other news, I know I owe like eight billion people comments and emails, and I haven't checked my flist all day, pretty much, but my body's decided to ring in the new year with a cold and I am tired and achy. :( I just took a naproxen, so I'm basically just... hanging out online for another few minutes until it kicks in and I can actually lie down without backache. Sigh. (I did have a fabulous New Year's Eve, though, and I hope you all have had a good couple of days. ♥ Happy new year, lovelies!)

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