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Dear Yuletide Writer,


I mean, we've got at least one fandom in common, so clearly I think you have great taste, and I'm already excited to have you writing for me. :D This letter, uh, got away from me in places -- don't worry, I'm fully on board the "optional details are optional" train! I know some people prefer lots of details; I've written all of this just in case you're one of them, but if you're not, that's totally fine. ♥

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bottom of the river (music video) )

15 ways to stay alive - daphne gottlieb )

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the elder scrolls iv: oblivion )

Okay, that's (finally) it! :D: I hope at least some of that was helpful!
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My body's been one big mess of hurt and exhaustion since the semester started and (spoiler alert) I am very tired of it. ;____; I've missed a bunch of classes already and I'm way behind on everything. I mean, I'm also behind because I've been really lazy in addition to being sick. And I think I'm suddenly, inexplicably burned out on school already, despite being so eager to get back.

That said, classes are fun and being around friends a lot is even more so. I just wish my body and brain would get with the program and let me enjoy it and maybe also, y'know, not doom myself to failure. ;__; I also keep flip-flopping on the grad school vs. not grad school thing, which is ridiculous because I'm stressing myself out over something I can't even apply to for another year. /o\

ANYWAY. Yuletide's coming up! I wasn't going to do it this year -- not sure if I mentioned it here or not, but the gift I wrote last year got some really weird, nasty anon comments out of nowhere and it pretty much soured it for me completely -- but then nominations started happening and I just got too excited about it all. :D: I've currently got Oblivion (as in Elder Scrolls, not Tom Cruise), Professor Layton, Adventure Time, and fifteen ways to stay alive as my noms -- not sure Adventure Time will make it through, but we shall see! I'm still working on my character nominations, especially for Oblivion, since there a million and one NPCs and I LOVE ALL OF THEM. Not sure about requests, either -- I'll probably just request Emmy from Layton, regardless of who I end up nominating, and Marceline + PB. I don't even know who/what to nom/request for the poem. Narrator? You? Her? Wolves? I'll probably just leave that one blank.

Sorry for the rambling, but YULETIDE. :D

Anyhow, I have no idea what else to write about, I just want to get back in the habit of journalling again. \o? I watched this Wonder Woman movie tonight and while I had issues with... pretty much everything, it was still kind of awesome and I'm really not sure why they can't do a live-action Wonder Woman? Also, the special features were well worth the $5 the DVD cost me. I have so many feelings about feminism and comics and mythology and these teeny documentaries need to be a million times longer.

Okay, that's it for real, I think!
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1. I'm behind on my flist already /o\ This... is probably something I should have put in my intro post: hi, new friends! I read every post, but sometimes I don't reply to stuff until days and days later, if at all. /o\/o\/o\

2. I've been making a lot of new year's resolutions, and a lot of plans -- one of said resolutions is to make myself academically awesome before I go back to school, and one of said plans is a list of reading material I want to get through before I start classes this summer. So! Anyone have any recs for anything good that pertains to archaeology, history (especially ancient history, but medieval is also good, along with anything related to agriculture or science), folklore, mythology, orrrr just any non-fiction that you enjoyed? :D? :D?

3. More Yuletide (and Yuletide Madness!) recs:

One Last Lick (Machete, Luz/Sartana) -- I got a fic during Yuletide Madness this year! :DDDD And it is great! Short and sweet and really, really sexy. *_____*

more fic! )

I've yet to read most of the Avengers-related or Community stuff, since I was mostly focusing on all the smallest fandoms, so I've got a lot of reading left to do and I AM EXCITED. :DDDDD

4. Seeing the new Sherlock Holmes tomorrow with my bff [livejournal.com profile] amber_crystal! :DDDDD

5. I ordered the first seasons of Parks and Rec (which I've never seen, but thanks to Tumblr I quote it all the time and also I lead a Ron Swanson appreciation life) and Pushing Daisies (show of my heart!) tomorrow, and I think I'm going to try to watch all of Game of Thrones before they get here (which should be the first or second week of January). It's quite possible that some of my new year's resolutions involve watching a lot of TV. :D: Mostly, there's a lot of things I started and never finished, despite liking, and also a lot of things I've been meaning to watch but never got around to it. This year is the year I watch ALL THE THINGS.

6. ♥

7. eta Almost forgot -- I got a migraine and I've been trying to trace a possible trigger and I've got seriously nothing, and if it is actually the LJ issue that's been causing other people problems, oh my god LJ we are seriously done professionally.
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Merry Christmas! ♥ Today was a, uh, trying day on several levels, as was yesterday, but I channeled my frustration and anger into cleaning the bathroom, which was a fantastic outlet for said frustration, plus my bathroom is spic-and-span for the first time in ages (as long as you don't look in the cupboard or drawers or medicine cabinet or, uh, bathtub). Rage-cleaning aside, it was a pretty decent Christmas overall. :) Also! Yuletide Yuletide Yuletide, ahhhh! :DDDD The fic I received was how i live now, a Jennifer's Body fic that's set after the movie and the tone and voice are spot-on and the language is gorgeous and ahhhhhh, happiest. :DDDD And I also appear to have received a Yuletide Madness fic, too, so I'm excited to see that! :D

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I've made it about as far as the Bs on the fandom list and a few other random ones, and I feel like I am bloated as much from fic as I am from turkey. :D Anyhow -- hurray Yuletide! So excited to read through the rest of the tiny fandoms I like.

Also, hi new people! I was planning on doing an intro post, but that will have to wait, because I keep dozing off and it's a little embarrassing. Anyway, hello, it is good to have you here. ♥

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